Saturday, July 11, 2009

Section with a Hula Hoop

You often use certain of jeans. In addition to comfortable and relaxed look, jeans can also make your body more sections, especially in the buttocks and thigh. Nah, that's when you use more sections of jeans try to practice using the Hula hoop.

Games that we often do this while still smaller than the exclamation can make the best buttocks, stomach and thigh much faster. Hula hoop with practice is also quite simple and you can do it yourself at home.

Just follow the instructions three Hula-hoop movement of Christabel Zamor, author book "Hooping: A Revolutionary Fitness Program". Before the three movements, it is stabilkan first movement that is basically play with Hula hoop your waist.

If the movement plays Hula hoop stable try to walk slowly. Posisikan upright with your back and shoulders to maintain balance, and walk step by step. To create a more comfortable follow these steps:

1. Stand with feet parallel play while Hula hoop with pinggul.

2. Along with the lap Hula hoop, move the body to load and use the right foot left foot to maintain balance. And do a turn, after the new movement to your feet.

3. Hula hoop while you play with the waist, langkahkan right foot to the right and left foot dekatkan the right foot. Walk slowly and note the balance. To continue to do to you.

While your body vibrate with the Hula hoop, akan torso to move up and down. Follow the steps below so that the movement more effective Hula hoop strain musculature you:
1. Start with menggerakan Hula hoop around the waist. Lift your hands up to elbow higher than shoulder. Try to speed the movement waist.

2. Pusatkan attention to menggerakan Hula hoop with your body. Move the hoop from the waist to the top of the body to the chest. You need to set the concentration of high and with good breath.

3. Ayunkan all over the body with the movement to be quite vibrant menggerakan Hula hoop.

4. Continue to do, try to ride Hula hoop axilla. This exercise simply drain energy and concentration.

In this movement, you must lift the Hula hoop with the front of the stomach so that it can move diagonally. This exercise is very effective form stomach and thigh. The steps:

1. Hula hoop with the movement of waist and lift the pelvis. When you feel the Hula hoop in the stomach and then lift up. To keep your hands in the back of the place in front of the head or chest.

2. Look up. When your eyes glance up, stomach muscles will be interested because you also hold Hula hoop.

3. Make a Hula hoop hop to leg, and when the lift is in the stomach while longer to see the top. If the Hula hoop always fall, continue to practice until your habit. Remember to always set your breath.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This is the Secret Diet Success!

Appear slim and beautiful, many women is the desire. Because, with a beautiful body and how sad, the confidence of women tends to increase. Usually, if the desire is so strong, the diet also be an alternative choice.

Not to step in selecting a diet program, it's good you recognize the type of diet. Do not select the original, because the consequences can be fatal.

Want to know what diet is becoming a trend and the risk, ulasannya following:

1. Raw Food Diet

Perpetrators of this type of diet believes that mengonsumsi food that is processed with the temperature above 46-47C akan enzyme-destroying enzyme that provides many benefits for health.

While most agree that the best diet is mengonsumsi fruits, vegetables, and grains that are processed at least, actually process the food through the process of the correct womb can increase gizinya, especially phytonutrient, and stop the activities of bacteria that are not healthful.

Raw food diet many foods that mengonsumsi based plants, including fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and bean sprouts, corn and bean.

Materials, food was very good and you can make different kinds of food from raw materials.

2. Low-calorie diet (hCG)

This is the amount of calories with the diet that is low (500,800 calories per day) plus injection with the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

Diet any lower in calories to under 1000 calories is not safe, especially for beginners. And, you will lose weight even though many have been getting injections milk shake. Of course, the gold in the diet is the more quickly your body weight down, it will also semaking fast you get it back.

In addition, scientists do not know if it safe to hCG injected into the body when our bodies do not naturally memproduksinya.

3. Diet Supplements Drink Mix (Master Clean)

Southern California, are of this type of diet trends. "Here, actors try to do diet 'cleaning up' with the mixture of water perasan lemon, maple syrup, and spicy red chili (Cayenne pepper) several times a day for 10 days," said Karla Campbell, MS, RD, a dietitian at the Long Beach, California.

Then in the evening they drink herbal tea that also functions as a laxative, and a quarter cup of salt water in the morning. Both can be clean digestive system and your bowels.

No need to say that there is no research that indicates that the digestive system and organs we need help in collecting the waste and poisons in the body.

Only this type of diet contains 650-1300 calories and lack of many key nutrients such as protein, calcium, iron and zinc. But experts do not have a diet that is suggested to undergo this type of diet for more than 1-2 days.

Campbell also added a warning: people who undergo this type of diet will end with the loss of body fat mass. When is' clean 'and return to their previous eating patterns, they will be fat again. May become even more fat than the previous.

4. Sup diet cabbage (and other similar vegetables)

Compete with the rumor circulating, this type of diet is not recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA); Sacred Heart Hospital Memorial in Spokane, Washington; or by any health care organization. In fact, AHA and other organizations recommend a diet to control this trend.

Although there are several versions, all of the seven day cycle is based on all types of mengonsumsi cabbage soup 'fat burner' (a mixture of cabbage, carrots, celery, tomato, pepper, and onion). Because of many vegetables that contain fluid and nutrition, the type of diet is not a diet other.

5. Diet Akupuntur Ear (Ear Stapling)

This relatively new trend based on the theory that the experts Akupuntur an area of the ear can manage your appetite. Menindik procedures similar to the ear, but constant pressure on the 'belly' ear you will limit your appetite.

There is no research that states the relationship between ear stapling with a decrease in body weight. But there is much evidence that it can cause serious infection and changes shape.

If you need is to control your appetite, then you better try mengonsumsi something that can work better, such as mengonsumsi more fruits and vegetables than other food types. (Source:

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wow, Married Causes Obesity

One proof of new research on Obesity in the United States about the scientists. Fact wedding can become the cause of someone experiencing excess weight loss (Obesity).

Based on the results of a research team of researchers from the University of North Carolina, married couples or who already live together, two times greater risk than they experience Obesity is still single and living alone.

Risk is also increased in the pair who have lived together in time.

According to Penny Gordon-Larsen, a researcher, not only to give marriage a positive impact on health such as the reduction in smoking and that the decreasing death rate. But marriage can also give negative effects such as increased numbers Obesity.

"We also see an increase in excess body weight in the pair that has the same age and at risk of Obesity," he said as quoted from the BBC.

Obesity also causes no longer based on the factors of age, but because of changing attitudes and habits someone. Generally, couples who have lived together, whether married or not, tend to do activities together that can make their excess body weight.

More often consumed as snack, cook together, eat more often and rarely outside berolah sport and prefers watching television than when they were both still living alone.

Research also found that couples who live together with more than two years, especially the couple who have been married showed patterns Obesity and physical behavior the same in each pair is examined.

The research team hopes that the results of this, each pair will be more alert to what will happen when they get married.

At least with this phenomenon they will remind each other and so does not influence either the overweight or Obesity. (Source:

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Sports For pear shape body type

Has tried to aerobic routine, weight never wane. Sports what exactly?

I (28) has the form of the body feel less proportional. Body weight 61 kg, and 155 cm high. I can not wear trousers or skirt size M (too small), but my shirt or blouse size M.

During the year, I have been trying to reduce the aerobic and ngemil, but there are no changes. Until finally lazy exercise. What advice the doctor?

From the above data, it can be, you have the body type gyneoid, ie there are piles of fat in the thigh (femoral) and buttocks (gluteus), which form the body such as the pear fruit. Type of obesity is more profitable than the type android (cumulation of fat in the abdomen, shape the body, such as apple fruit), which owned most men. The android type is one characterize someone who has a higher risk of heart disease and blood vessel.

However, it should, you should not dismiss sports activities. In addition to aerobic, you can also add your own exercises, such as with walking or jogging 30-45 minutes, three times a week. If you exercise less, then your body itself is bertipe pear fruit is more lax, so it looks bigger.

Do not forget to eat a good pattern. Change camilah with fruit. Before eating, it's good gulp a glass of water and white first. After that, then vegetables, followed by rice and lauknya. Select vegetables that contain lots of fiber, such as spinach, and kangkung.
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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The fat is not so that After giving birth

Most women can indeed grow fat after the birth. Pregnancy is one of the high risk of a woman fat permanently. However, do not worry about weight because the body can return to the original position.

In the Asian women, increased body weight on average is between 9-12 kg during the pregnancy progress. Meanwhile, after giving birth weight usually increases 3-6 kg. Diet during pregnancy is not recommended (a balanced diet and light exercises recommended). Here are some factors that can make fat have after giving birth:

1. Direct your body weight increase in the first semester tri pregnancy.
Excess body weight can terakumulasi during the first three months of pregnancy, which can also cause your baby's fat candidates. You can only hope kenaikannya around 1-2kg in trisemester I, and body weight will increase only 1-2 kg per month.

Expert advice: Forget about the term "eating for two." Three regular meals a day, plus 1-2 in the glass of milk every day plus fruits enough. Avoid unhealthy snack such as chips, gorengan, and others.

2. Increased body weight exceeds the recommended doctor
The increased body weight during pregnancy, the more you minimize it difficult later on.

Expert advice: the recommended body weight during pregnancy depending on the actual body weight (before pregnancy). If the lack of weight, must be improved. Meanwhile, if enough fat, increase body weight are not recommended.

3. After giving birth, you can not change the eating habits during pregnancy.
It's likely the new mother has difficulty to return to the pattern of eating before pregnancy. Hormone changes that occur in the body can even make food Feed you are not controlled.
Expert advice: Try kendalikan Feed by reducing the share of food.

Reduce The Risk Weight Loss
There are two things that can be done to reduce the growing risk of excess body weight during the pregnancy:

- Beraktivitas outside the home after giving birth a few months. Because, outside the home can be easier to change your eating habits when you can.

- During the exercise. If you do light exercises regularly during pregnancy, increase in body weight you are not too many. Moreover, if this practice was continued after birth, your body will be guaranteed to return to original shape.
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Start Your Healthy Life Today

Health is very important for people because you can do anything you want if you have a healthy body. For a woman, healthy body sometimes is not enough but woman sometimes want to have a slim body. Stay healthy and slim can be so easy and you can start it by doing sports, eat some nutrient foods, have enough rest, and many more. You can consume some supplement to get your slim and healthy body.

If you need some supplement to get a healthy and slim body, you can trust Herbalife. Herbalife allow you to get some supplement which can give you a slim body without cause any dangerous disease to your body. If you interested with Herbal Life, you should visit This website allows you to find Herbalife International which offers you some herbal products that you can consume. From the website you can find independent Herbalife Distributor so you can order Herbalife products easily. All of the products are Herbal Nutrition which made of natural materials so it will be so safe for you. The Herbal Nutrition Network will give you the herbal supplement you need.

When you can get a slim and healthy body easier, you have no reason to wait but all you should d just open the website and order Herbalife products.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ala Beyonce Diet Motivation

Who does not want to have a body section, such as singer Beyonce Knowles?

Body plump wife Jay Z is, of course, does not didapatkannya easily. He must undergo rigorous sports and eating patterns.

To undergo all that, it needed a strong motivation. And what makes Beyonce can undergo strict diet with the spirit?

Memotivasinya that appeared to have slim body is to shop. Of course, the style is different from the usually berbelanjanya.

Beyonce always buy a shirt or trousers of smaller body size. This is so that it has a strong reason to immediately lower the body weight.

"I often buy clothes that size is smaller than the size of my body, so I have strong reason to diet, so that is can use immediately," such as kat Beyonce quoted from

In addition, the age of 27 performers this year revealed that the dream of getting Oscar is one motivation for him to stay to maintain fitness and form of the body.

Although has been successfully reduce body weight of 6 kg, while a role Deena Jones in the film Dreamgirls, Beyonce does not feel comfortable.

"I'm not too comfortable when the body has such a model, because it does not look natural. I also do not feel sexy, not because it is not feel myself," said Beyonce.
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